General conditions

In summary:
You agree with our way of working. From the moment that you place your order to the moment your order is delivered by us, it is wise to stop all other ways in which social media products (such as likes, views etc.) are added to your page. Until we are done delivering. Instagrow looks at the begin- and end number.
– Because of the nature of the products (digital products) it is not possible to stop orders once they are activated.
– Make sure you communicate the right URL (link to your social media profile for example). Once activated an order cannot be cancelled.
– We only work with social media profiles that are family-friendly. Go ahead and ask us if you want to make sure this is the case.
– We look at the begin number of the, by the client requested social media product, before we begin our delivery and eventually look at the end number when our work is done. These numbers are leading for the delivery.
– Some social media products are not selected based on interest. Because of this we cannot guarantee activity on you page.
– In case of misuse, fraud or the suspicion of these we will report this to the organizations involved.
– Paypal is often used as a method of payment in case of fraudulent orders. Because of this, no refunds will be done in case of Paypal orders.
– In case of international likes, your page can not be restricted to certain demographics, geographies or age. You are also requested to not change your link / username or URL during delivery. A loss in likes caused by restrictions on the page or changes in the URL of the page cannot be compensated.
– We always try to provide you with more likes / views / followers than purchased. It is possible you receive more than the original purchased amount of the product concerned. This is no justification for a refund.
Article 1 – definitions
In these conditions, the following definitions are in order:
Entrepreneur: the legal person who offers the products on the website from a distance to the buyer of the products.
Client: the legal person who acts in practice or profession or company or personal level and makes a contact from a distance with the entrepreneur.
Agreement from a distance: an agreement in which, in the system organized by the entrepreneur to arrange the sales of products from a distance up until the closing of the agreement, only one or more ways of communicating will be used for the communication from a distance.
Technique for communicating from a distance: the mean that can be used to close the agreement, without the client and entrepreneur coming together in the same room.
Time of consideration: the term within which the client can call upon his right of withdrawal.
Day: calendar day
Duration of transaction: an agreement from a distance relating to a series of products and/or services, of which the obligation of delivery is spread over time.
Durable database: any means that enables the client or the entrepreneur to store information personally addressed to him or her in a way that makes future consultation and unmodified reproduction of the stored information possible.
Products: the digital products offered.

Article 2: External consequences
We order all our products at our regular supplier. This supplier is responsible for the external factors that cause certain articles to be deleted by the platform concerned. We will forward all complains regarding external factors to the supplier. We are not responsible for any loss of our products caused by external factors. When you place an order, you agree with the fact that we will not provide a refund of any sort when loss of a product caused by external factors occurs. We will forward the complains to the supplier.
For example, external factors can be the loss of followers because of a new algorithm that deletes several accounts from the platform.

Article 3: relevance
These general conditions are relevant for every offer made by the entrepreneur and for every established agreement between the entrepreneur and the client.
Before the establishment of the agreement, the general conditions will be made available to the client. If this is for a valid reason not possible before the agreement from a distance is established, it will be indicated that the general conditions will be made visible by the entrepreneur and on request of the client, the general conditions will be send to the client as soon as possible and free of charge.
In case the agreement is established electronically, it is possible that, by derogation of the previous paragraph and before the agreement is established from a distance, the lines of these general conditions are made available via an electronical way in such a way that these can be saved in a simple way via a durable database. If this is for a valid reason not possible, this will be indicated before the agreement is established where the general conditions can be found via an electronical way and on request of the client, the general conditions will be send to the client via an electronical or other way free of charge.

Article 4: the offer
In case the offer has a limited validity or occurs under certain conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer.
The offer consists of a complete and accurate description of the products and services offered. The description is sufficiently detailed to make it possible for the client to have a good assessment of the product. If the entrepreneur uses images, these will be based on a truthful representation of the offered products and services. Evident mistakes and miscalculations in the offer do not bind the entrepreneur.
Every offer contains information in such way that it is clear to the client what his or her rights and obligations are connected to the acceptance of the offer. This specifically applies to:
The prize including taxes (if appropriate);
The potential costs of delivery;
The way in which the agreement is established and the proceedings necessary;
The applicability or not of the right of withdrawal;
The method of payment, the delivery or the execution of the agreement;
The term for acceptance of the offer, as well as the term to live up to the prize;
The prize level of the communication from a distance in case the costs of the use of the communication technique from a distance are calculated based on other fundamentals than the standard prize;
In case the agreement is filed after establishment, in what way it is possible for the client to consult the agreement;
The way in which a client can be aware of unwanted proceedings before closing the agreement and the way in which he or she can recover these before the establishment of the agreement;
The potential languages in which, apart from English, the agreement can be established;
The behavioral codes which the entrepreneur is subject to and the way in which the client can consult these behavioral codes via an electronical way; and
The minimal term of the agreement from a distance in case the agreement stretches a continuous or periodic delivery of the products and services.

Article 5: the agreement
The agreement is being established, subject to article 4, the moment the client accepts the offer and complying to the conditions laid down.
In case the client accepts the offer via an electronical way, the entrepreneur immediately confirms via an electronical way the receipt of the acceptance of the offer. As long as the receipt of the acceptance has not been confirmed, the client can dissolve the agreement.
In case the agreement is established electronically, the entrepreneur will take suitable technical and organizational measures to secure the electronical transfer of data and ensures a secure web environment. In case the client pays electronically, the entrepreneur will take the appropriate safety measures in account.
The entrepreneur can find out, within legal boundaries, if the client can meet the payment obligations, and all other facts and factors that are important to enter into the agreements from a distance in a responsible way. In case the entrepreneur finds valid reasons to believe engaging in the agreement is not responsible, it is justified to refuse an order or request, or he can choose to engage in the agreement under special conditions.
The entrepreneur will provide the client with the following information together with the product or service, written or in such a way that it is available to the client to save the information in a durable database:
The conditions under which and the way in which a client can use his or her right of withdrawal, or making a clear notification of why he or she is excluded from the right of withdrawal;
The information about existing service after purchase and warranties;
The in article 4 paragraph 3 of these conditions incorporated data, unless the entrepreneur provided this information to client before the execution of agreement;
The demands before cancellation of the agreements in case the agreement has a duration of more than one year or is of indefinite duration.
In case the entrepreneur has obligated himself to delivering a series of products the statement of last paragraph is only applicable to the first delivery.

Article 6a: the right of withdrawal when delivering products
When purchasing products, the client has the possibility to cancel the agreement without indicating the reasons during 7 working days. This term will start the day after receipt of the product by or on behalf of the client.
During this term the client will handle the products and the package with care. He or she will only unpack and use the product to the extent that is necessary to judge whether he or she wants to keep the product. In case he or she wants to call upon his right of withdrawal, he or she will return the product with all delivered accessories in original condition with the package to the entrepreneur, according to the reasonable and clear instructions of the entrepreneur.
Article 6b: the right of withdrawal when delivering products
When delivering products, the client has the possibility to cancel the agreement without further notice of reason during 7 workdays. This term will start the day after receipt of the product by or on behalf of the client.
To call upon his or her right of withdrawal, the client will reach for the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the entrepreneur with the offer or with the delivery of the product at the latest.

Article 7: costs of in case of withdrawal
In case the client has paid the prize, the entrepreneur will return this amount as soon as possible, but within 30 days at the latest after the revocation or annulment.

Article 8: exclusion of the right of withdrawal
Instagrow can exclude the following products and services from the right of withdrawal, but only if Instagrow clearly indicates this in the offer, at least in time before closing the agreement:

Service agreements, after the full execution of the service, but only if:
The execution started with explicit prior consent of the consumer; and
1. The consumer has declared that he or she loses his right of withdrawal as soon as Instagrow has fully executed the agreement;
According to the specifications of the consumer manufactured products, which are not pre-fabricated, and which are not manufactured based on individual choice or decision of the consumer, or is clearly destined for a specific person;
Products which putrefy easily or have a limited preservability;
Sealed products which are not available to be returned due to health protection and hygienic reasons and of which the seal is broken after delivery;
Products which are non-revocable mingled with other products due to their nature;
Sealed audio-, video recordings and computer software, of which the seal has been broken after delivery;
Newspapers and magazines, with an exception for memberships;
The delivery of digital content other than a material holder, but only if:
The execution started with explicit prior consent of the consumer; and
1. The consumer has declared he or she loses his right of withdrawal.

Article 9: the prize
During the, in the offer stated, limited validity the prizes of the offered products and services will not be increased, except for prize changes as a result of changes in taxes.
In deviation to the previous paragraph, the entrepreneur can offer products or services of which the prizes depend on fluctuations in the financial market and which the entrepreneur does not have an influence on, against variable prizes. This connection to fluctuations and the fact that the mentioned prizes are guidelines, will be stated at the offer.
Prize increases within 3 months after the establishment of the agreement are only allowed in case they are the result of legal regulations or provisions.
Prize increases after 3 months after the establishment of the agreements are only allowed in case the entrepreneur has suppressed this and:
1. A) this is the result of legal regulations or provisions; or
2. B) the client has the authority to cancel the agreement before the day the prize increase is applicable.
The in the offer stated prizes of the products and services include taxes.

Article 10: conformity and warranty
The entrepreneur is responsible for the fact that the products and services meet the, in the offer stated, specifications and the reasonable demands of decency and/or usability and the, on the date of establishment of the agreement stated, legal provisions and government prescriptions.

Article 11: delivery and execution
The entrepreneur will comply the greatest possible care with the receipt and the execution of the orders of the products and with the judgement of the request as well as the extension of products.
The social media profile given by the client is noted as the place of delivery.
With compliance of the information stated in paragraph 4 of these general conditions, the company will execute accepted orders with capable urgency and within at least 30 days unless a longer delivery term has been prearranged. In case the delivery experiences delay, or in case an order is not executed or only partially executed, the client receives a message of this 1 month after placement of the order at the latest.
In case delivery of the ordered product turns out to be impossible, the entrepreneur will do whatever he can to make a replacement article available. With the delivery at the latest, there will be a clear and understandable message that the replacement product will be delivered. It is not possible to be excluded from the right of withdrawal with replacement products. The cost of returning the product will be on account of the entrepreneur.
The risk of damaging or losing the product will be on account of the entrepreneur until the moment of delivery, unless clearly prearranged differently.
The delivery will take place as soon as the given number of product-kinds that is described on the product-page on the social media profile of the client is delivered.

Article 12: durable transactions
The client can always cancel an agreement entered for indefinite time with the prearranged cancel policy and the term of notice of 1 month at the latest considered.
An agreement entered for indefinite time has a term of two years maximum. In case it is arranged that silence of the client will extend the agreement from a distance, the agreement will be continued as an agreement for indefinite time and the term of notice will be a maximum of 1 month.

Article 13: payment
For as long as nothing else is arranged, the amounts due need to be paid directly by the client.
In case of default of payment of the client the entrepreneur has the right to charge the pre-revealed costs, except in case of legal provisions.

Article 14: service conditions
The products will be offered under conditions as mentioned on the page of the relevant service.

Article 15: Complementary or deviating provisions
The, in this chapter stated “computer service” provisions are, next to the General Provisions from these general conditions, applicable in case the supplier grants products in the area of computer service, this includes the automatic processing of data with assistance of the software and equipment owned by the supplier.
In case the agreement relates to the periodic or regular granting of computer services, the agreement will be established for the agreed duration discussed between the parties, by lack of the term of 1 year applies. The duration of the agreement will constantly be extended with the duration of the original period in case of silence of the client, unless the client of the supplier discontinues the agreement in writing with taking the term of notice of 3 months before the end of the relevant period in account.
The supplier executes the computer service only in commission of the client. In case the supplier executes computer services as an authorized given order by a government instance regarding the data of the client or his employees, the associated costs will be on account of the client. The supplier will execute the computer service with care corresponding with the predetermined procedures and agreements between him and the client.
The client guarantees that the materials, data, software, procedures and instructions given to the supplier for the execution of the computer service are right and complete and that all the information given to the supplier meets the specifications of the supplier.

Article 16: warranty
We offer 100% delivery warranty for all products within the premium category.

Article 17: property
The property of this website and the offered products belong to:
RVD Media
34 Eekterweg 8097PE
Oosterwolde, Netherlands
Dutch customers can come in contact via the stated Dutch address.

Article 18: canceling the order
Canceling the order is not possible if the order is already being processed.

Article 19: canceling by Instagrow
Instagrow reserves the right to cancel the agreement at all time. In this case, the client receives the purchase amount within 30 days after cancelation.

Article 20: Paypal
Because of the many fraudulent orders for which Paypal is used as a method of payment, we were forced to take the following measures: all offered products on this website are digital goods (non-physical). Once the orders are activated (this will be announced to you by sending you a confirmation of the order in which will be stated that we have taken the order into processing / activated your order or described in other wording) these can no longer be canceled. Refunds to a Paypal account will not be accepted after activation of the order / taken the order in processing.

The use of all the products offered by us are completely at your own risk, this website or the subcontractors of this website can not be held accountable for anything. This website accepts no responsibility for incorrect or incomplete information nor for any damage as a result of visiting the website, the use of the products on this website or on your social profile.